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domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Killing Touch - One of a Kind

Special guest musicians:
- Oleg Smirnoff: Keyboards on tracks 3 and 9
- Andrea "Tower" Torricini: Bass on track 4
- Federico "Pule" Puleri: Guitars and Keyboards on track 7
1.The Touch06:27[view lyrics]
2.Black Ice00:49[view lyrics]
3.Wheel of Fortune04:39[view lyrics]
4.Mimicking Death06:25[view lyrics]
5.The Danger Zone06:01[view lyrics]
6.One of a Kind06:27[view lyrics]
7.Tommy’s Cane05:41[view lyrics]
8.Still Walking08:14
9.Walls of Sympathy05:53[view lyrics]
10.Falling Away04:47[view lyrics]
11.Justify04:28[view lyrics]
12.Thy Will Be Done06:27[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:06:18


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lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Stratovarius - Polaris

Timo Kotipelto - Vocals
Matias Kupiainen - Guitars
Jens Johansson - Keyboards
Lauri Porra - Bass
Jörg Michael - Drums

This is the first Stratovarius album featuring Matias Kupiainen and Lauri
Porra, and also not featuring long-time guitarist Timo Tolkki.

The album was recorded in late 2008 and mixed by Mikko Karmila. The cover art
was done by Gyula Havancsák.

Track 1 music by Matias Kupiainen; lyrics by Timo Kotipelto
Tracks 3, 4, 5 by Jens Johansson
Tracks 7, 8 music by Timo Kotipelto, Matias Kupiainen; lyrics by Timo
Tracks 2, 6, 9, 10, 11 by Lauri Porra

Japanese Bonus Track: Second Sight (Matias Kupiainen/Timo Kotipelto)

also Bonus Track: Deep Unknown (Mikko Raita Vinyl Mix Bonus Track)

To be released in the US via Armoury Records on May 26.
1.Deep Unknown04:28[view lyrics]
2.Falling Star04:33
3.King of Nothing06:43
4.Blind05:28[view lyrics]
5.Winter Skies05:50[view lyrics]
6.Forever Is Today04:40
7.Higher We Go03:47[view lyrics]
8.Somehow Precious05:37
9.Emancipation Suite I: Dusk06:57
10.Emancipation Suite II: Dawn03:40
11.When Mountains Fall03:12[view lyrics]
Total playing time55:00

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sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Nad Sat - Falling Down

EP, Black box Records

1. Frustration
2. Kill me
3. Your Power is Falling Down
4. My Dream
5. Child
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Dimmu Borgir - Inn I Evighetens Mørke

7" EP limited to 1000 copies.
Re-released in 2000 by Spikefarm Records as a part of "True Kings Of Norway"
compilation CD.

Bootleg release by Hat Records in 2003 on 7" Vinyl featuring only
the first 2 tracks.

"Inn I Evighetens Mørke" translates into "Into the Darkness of Eternity".

Recording line-up:
Shagrath: drums, vocals
Erkekjetter Silenoz: guitar, vocals
Tjodalv: guitar
Brynjard Tristan: bass
Stian Aarstad: synthesisers, piano & effects
1.Inn I Evighetens Mørke (Part I)05:25
2.Inn I Evighetens Mørke (Part II)02:09
3.Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde05:01[view lyrics]
Total playing time11:14

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Heaven and Hell - The Devil You Know 2009 !!!

Full-length, Rhino
April 28th, 2009
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Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Tony Iommi - Guitars
Terrance "Geezer" Butler - Bass
Vinny Appice - Drums

The album was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales, U.K.
1.Atom & Evil05:15
3.Bible Black06:30[view lyrics]
4.Double the Pain05:25
5.Rock & Roll Angel06:25
6.The Turn of the Screw05:02
7.Eating the Cannibals03:37
8.Follow the Tears06:12
10.Breaking into Heaven07:03
Total playing time54:52

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viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Angels Of Love

Instrumental and acoustic release.
1.Forever One04:49
2.Like An Angel06:05
6.Save Our Love06:18
7.Ocean Sonata06:14
8.Miracle Of Life04:31
10.Prelude To April04:41
Total playing time51:41

domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Arch Enemy - Manifesto of Arch Enemy


Angela Nathalie Gossow - Vocals
Michael Amott - Guitars
Christopher Amott - Guitars
Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass
Daniel Erlandsson - Drums

Previously contained on:
Tracks 1, 6 on "Doomsday Machine" (2005)
Tracks 2, 7 on "Anthems Of Rebellion" (2003)
Tracks 3, 9 on "Rise Of The Tyrant" (2007)
Tracks 4, 8 on "Wages Of Sin" (2001)
Tracks 5, 10 on "Tyrants Of The Rising Sun - Live In Japan" (2008)
1.Nemesis04:12[view lyrics]
2.We Will Rise04:07[view lyrics]
3.Revolution Begins04:11[view lyrics]
4.Ravenous04:06[view lyrics]
5.Blood On Your Hands (Live)05:27[view lyrics]
6.My Apocalypse05:26[view lyrics]
7.Dead Eyes See No Future04:14[view lyrics]
8.Burning Angel04:17[view lyrics]
9.I Will Live Again03:32[view lyrics]
10.Taking Back My Soul (Live)05:16[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:4


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Death Angel - Act III (1990)


viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

Alestorm - Leviathan

Initially made available as a mail order release.
Release dates (in stores):
-7th January 2009 - Finland
-9th January 2009 - Most Europe
-12th January 2009 - The rest of Europe
-27th January 2009 - America and Canada

-Track 2 is a cover of a song that represented Latvia at the Eurovision Song
-Track 3 is a German version of "Wenches and Mead".
-Track 4 is another re-recording of the Battleheart-era song that was initially
redone as a single in 2008.

Christopher Bowes - Vocals, Keyboards
Dani Evans - Bass
Lasse Lammert - Guitar on tracks 1 and 2.
Gavin Harper - Guitar on tracks 3 and 4.
Migo Wagner - Session Drums

Additional Musicians:
Brendan Casey - Bass
Ian Wilson - Drums

Choir on "Wolves of the Sea":
Brendan Casey, Bee Bloodbunch, Christopher Bowes, Lasse Lammert

Recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Lasse Lammerrt in September, 2008,
at LSD Studio, Lübeck, Germany.

Artwork by Ingo Römling / www.monozelle.de
1.Leviathan05:54[view lyrics]
2.Wolves of the Sea (Pirates of the Sea cover)03:30[view lyrics]
3.Weiber und Wein03:41[view lyrics]
4.Heavy Metal Pirates04:24[view lyrics]
Total playing time16:49


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martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

HammerFall - No Sacrifice, No Victory EXCLUSIVE 2009

Joacim Cans : Vocals
Oscar Dronjak : Guitars / Backing Vocals
Pontus Norgren : Guitars / Backing Vocals
Fredrik Larsson : Bass / Backing Vocals
Anders Johansson : Drums

This will be the first HammerFall studio album with Pontus Norgren on lead
1.Any Means Necessary03:35[view lyrics]
2.Life Is Now04:43
3.Punish And Enslave03:57
5.Between Two Worlds05:28
6.Hallowed Be My Name03:56
7.Something For The Ages05:03
8.No Sacrifice, No Victory03:32
9.Bring The Hammer Down03:41
10.One Of A Kind06:14
11.My Sharona (The Knack cover)03:57[view lyrics]
Total playing time49:49

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Svafnir - The Heathen Chapters (2008)

Año: 2008
Genero: Pagan / Black Metal
Origen: Alemania (Schleswig-Holstein)
Formato: 320 кб/с mp3@
Peso: 95 MB

2.Nothing Left
5.Death of the Sun
6.Zweige Sich Im Winde Wiegen
8.Shadows in the Water
9.Return of Misery
10.The Blackbirds Flight
11.The Mourning Forest
12.The Druids Cosmic Journey
Total playing time: 40:27


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